How Flywheel Resurfacing Benefits Your Fleet

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The flywheel is a large mechanical wheel located at the end of your rig’s crankshaft and is part of the clutch kit. The flywheel plays an important role in keeping the crankshaft balanced, providing the rotational inertia the engine needs to keep working, and facilitating the transfer of kinetic power between the engine and the transmission.

Buying a Used Truck for Your Fleet? Top Tips for Safety’s Sake

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If you run a small- or medium-sized business (SMB), you might cut corners here and there to save money. One common thing SMB business owners do is to buy used semi-trucks instead of new ones for their fleet. Although nothing is wrong with doing this, you should take the process of buying a used truck cautiously. After all, the safety of your drivers relies on that.

Here are several tips to help make sure that the truck you’re looking into is actually safe.


3 Common Causes of Brake Imbalance

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Brakes are the most important safety feature for every single vehicle on the road. Yet for a semi truck with a heavy load in tow, the importance of well-tuned brakes holds even more importance. If even a single brake ceases to work the way it should, your vehicle may be at risk of losing control.

One of the most commonly experienced brake problems has to do with balance — in other words, some of your brakes doing more work than others. Don’t make the mistake of writing off this issue as no big deal. Over time, even a relatively minor imbalance will grow worse, putting you at greater and greater risk as it does.

Heavy-Duty Clutch Problems: What Every Truck Owner Should Know

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Clutch Problem - Godfrey Brake Service & Supply

The clutch is the workhorse of any manually transmitted truck, and naturally, it is increasingly prone to wear and tear. Understanding the common causes of clutch failure and related symptoms can help you prevent problems before they occur or become worse.

This guide will teach you about clutch problems.

Common Causes of Clutch Failure

Numerous factors can predispose your heavy-duty vehicle to clutch problems.

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