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End-of-Year Maintenance Tips for Trucking Professionals

At the start of each year, many trucking companies set projections and goals for their business and their profits. As the literal driving force behind your organization, the trucks you rely on play a critical role in your ability to meet these goals. The average truck operator will spend around 10 percent of their earnings to cover maintenance costs.

However, when maintenance is not made a priority, this percentage could easily increase and take a real bite out of your profits. Set yourself up for a more prosperous year with these end-of-year truck maintenance tips.

DEF System Inspection

The average low in Rapid City during the winter is around 13 degrees, but the temperature plunges below this threshold on many nights. Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) has a freezing point of 12 degrees Fahrenheit. When this solution freezes, it expands and puts pressure on the hoses and other components through which it flows, potentially leading the components to crack.

A DEF leak lowers the efficiency at which a truck operates and allows air and dirt to get inside. Whenever a truck is operated at a decreased efficiency level, the lack of efficiency will have a direct impact on your profits, as declined efficiency means greater operating and repair costs.

Since there is no additive that you can use to prevent freezing, truck owners must always check for leaks. This fluid dries into a white powder-like substance, so if you see this material around the exhaust, there is a good chance you have a leak on your hands and should seek quick repair.

Radiator Flush

The cost and installation of a new radiator can easily reach $1,000, but this is an expense you can largely avoid. If you start off the year with a costly repair, it can put a dent in your plans. Periodic flushes can protect and extend the lifespan of a radiator.

Coolant, or antifreeze, is the solution that helps ensure an engine maintains a safe operating temperature, and this fluid cycles through the radiator. Coolant has a prolonged lifespan, but it is not designed to last forever.

As coolant breaks down, it becomes somewhat acidic and causes the surfaces it touches, including the inside of your radiator, to corrode. A corroded radiator will not function properly and will easily lead to failure. A radiator flush cycles out all the old coolant and replaces it with fresh coolant to keep the radiator protected.

Brake System Inspection

When you’re involved in a collision as a professional driver, the costs are high. You may not only have to pay expenses for damages but also see your reputation decrease. While property damage can be erased with repair, a dent in your reputation may not be repairable.

A leading reason for accidents involving semi-trucks is brake failure. In fact, a high number of truck-involved crashes involve an issue within the braking system. Given the weight of large trucks and the number of miles traveled, your brakes will experience a great deal of wear.

Start off the year knowing that your reputation and your safety are safeguarded by having your braking system inspected. Continue this commitment to maintenance by having the brake system examined with each oil change.

Godfrey Brake Service understands that sometimes the inevitable happens. Even when you exercise great care, malfunctions and even accidents can happen.

With more than six decades in the industry, Godfrey Brake Service understands that your truck is a vital part of your operation, and our team of trusted technicians will work hard to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Trust your needs to a company with a proven record of success.

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