How to Care for Truck Brakes

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When your business involves a fleet of large trucks, you have a lot of vehicle maintenance to attend to. Out of all the maintenance, however, the most important thing to take care of is your trucks’ brakes. Not doing so can pose a serious safety risk to your drivers and others on the road, not to mention a liability risk to your business.

Fortunately, you can do some key things to take better care of your fleet’s brakes and to extend their lifespan.

Instruct Your Drivers to Perfect the Art of Slowing Down

How your drivers drive has a big impact on how long your brakes last. One of the easiest ways to reduce wear and tear is to slow down before coming to a stop sign or making a turn. Any time the brakes get slammed on, the more wear and tear they experience.

Thus, instruct your drivers on proper driving and braking techniques, and make sure to emphasize the importance of slowing down carefully and well before braking.

In fact, the more instruction you offer your drivers, the better shape your fleet and its brakes are likely to be in.

Keep Track of Brake Applications

Keep track of how many brake applications happen within a given shift. You can have your drivers log this figure themselves, or you can install a device that tracks brake usage for you.

The reason you should know this number is because it can help you to more accurately determine how often your brakes need professional service and what types of servicing they require.

The number of brake applications can vary greatly from one industry or fleet to another, so tracking this information for your specific setup can be helpful in getting the proper brake care.

Update Your Brake Lines

Often, people will switch out their brakes as required, but they fail to switch out the brake lines as often as they should. If your brakes have worn out more quickly than you might like or you just don’t get the performance level you want, then consider upgrading to a more high-quality brake-line system.

Typically, the best brake lines will be of a very high-quality material, such as braided-steel. Have a professional look at your fleet and offer advice about the exact brake lines you should choose for maximum performance and durability.

Replace Brake Linings Frequently

In addition to updating your brake lines as required, make sure you also replace your brake linings on a regular basis. Typically, these wear out more quickly than other brake parts, so they require very regular attention.

You’ll know when brake linings need replacement if they become loose, wear very thin, or get covered in oil. The second you notice any of these issues, go ahead and replace the brake linings. This will give you longer use of your brakes in general and is an affordable fix with a lot of benefits.

Use a Wear Gauge

Buy and install a wear gauge made to work specifically with your brakes.

These gauges do a great job of keeping track of when brakes have experienced too much wear and tear and need replacing. With gauges installed, if you happen to miss any of the warning signs of bad brakes, the gauges will let you know.

By following these tips, your brakes should last much longer and work much better. For all your brake parts, accessories, and concerns along the way, contact the experts at Godfrey Brake Service & Supply. We are happy to answer any of your questions or address any of your concerns about brakes and related issues.

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