Fix Small Overheating Diesel Problems To Manage Major Concerns

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Driving a big rig can be a challenge if a truck engine continually overheats during operation. Thankfully, this situation only has a handful of causes, each of which is a minor concern if owners take the time to get their rig repaired as quickly as possible.

Minor Reasons a Semi Truck May Overheat 

Semi drivers who experience overheating engines lose time on a haul and may experience other mechanical issues. Thankfully, an overheating engine typically serves as a warning of minor problems that require only a little repair. Just a few of these small engine concerns include:

  • Exterior Temperatures: In scorching temperatures, a semi may overheat if the driver pushes it too hard up hills or drives too fast.
  • Axle Issues: Though a semi can drive without all axles rotating freely, a poorly-rotating axle can cause the engine to overwork and overheat. Check your axles regularly if you suspect you have an issue.
  • Blocked Air Flow: Occasionally, the rad of the engine ends up blocked by snow, ice, or even dirt. When this happens, the engine is likely to overheat and cause multiple issues.
  • Various Leaks: Multiple types of leaks – including coolant – may cause a diesel engine to overheat even when vehicle operation isn’t too hard.
  • Belt Problems: The various belts on a diesel engine may cease up or even snap during a haul, which can make the engine overheat very quickly.
  • Thermostat Failure: The thermostat works to provide coolant when the engine gets too hot. If the thermostat malfunctions, the engine won’t get enough coolant during hot operation.
  • Frayed Hoses: Cracked or broken hoses throughout an engine may trigger an overheating motor, especially if the frays deteriorate.

Drivers who perform regular maintenance on their rigs may fix these issues and keep their truck running smoothly. However, these small problems can quickly become significant issues without maintenance or immediate professional repair.

Minor Problems May Get Serious Without Repairs 

When small problems with a diesel engine worsen, the risk of overheating becomes even more significant. For example, a continued leak in the coolant eventually bleeds the coolant dry and causes the engine to run hot continually. In some cases, the engine may run only slightly hot but still cause damage.

Other issues, such as frozen belts, may cause the engine to run too hot for extended periods and trigger damage to the motor that may spread very quickly throughout its structure. For example, excessive heat in a diesel engine could cause damage to parts such as the water pump and intake valves and make them run less efficiently.

As a result of this type of damage, the motor will run even hotter and will experience worse operating conditions. The worst thing about this situation is that minor issues can become serious concerns very quickly, particularly if the driver ignores a hot motor during an important haul or manages it in a very limited way.

Early Repairs Are Critical

When a diesel engine continually overheats in spite of minor fixes performed by the driver, the truck owner needs to get the engine checked out by a professional. Delays in this situation can severely damage the truck engine and could end up costing the owner a lot of money. Avoid these difficulties with quick attention and professional repairs.

Truck owners who experience this problem need to call or visit us at Godfrey Brake Service & Supply as soon as possible to set up an inspection appointment. Our professional truck mechanics will take a look at what affects a diesel engine and fix the issue as quickly as possible. In this way, truck owners can get their rig on the road ASAP.


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