Causes of Driveline Vibrations

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Vibrations in your truck’s driveline can be relatively minor issues, or they can be major problems with vital components. If you notice a vibration in your truck’s driveline, here are some potential causes of the irregularity.

An Out-of-Sync Peripheral Part

The driveline transmits power to the axles, which ultimately deliver power to the wheels. The axles, the wheels, and all the parts between them are designed to rotate as the driveline does, keeping in sync with it so that every rotation of the driveline generates one rotation of each wheel.

The Various Brake Types Installed in Vehicles

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All motor vehicles have brakes, but the brakes they have aren’t all the same. Learn about the several different types of brakes used on vehicles of various types and sizes.

Disc Brakes: Common on Many Vehicles

Disc brakes are one of the most common types of brakes, and they’re found on many personal vehicles. Most cars at least have disc brakes up front, if not on all four wheels, and the majority of pickup trucks have them. Box trucks and full-size vans frequently also feature these brakes.

3 Key Aspects of Fifth Wheel Maintenance

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A semi truck’s fifth wheel acts as the point of connection between the truck and its trailer. As such, the fifth wheel is one of the most critical components for both maneuverability and safety. Unfortunately, fifth wheels also tend to be one of the more neglected components of a trucker’s rig.

Unfortunately, those who fail to inspect and maintain their fifth wheel often end up facing aggravating — and potentially dangerous — problems. Operators must be proactive about proper maintenance. This article will help protect your truck from fifth wheel problems by outlining three crucial aspects of fifth wheel maintenance.

Air and Hydraulic Brakes: Similarities and Differences

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Many people, including a large proportion of laymen, understand that semitrucks and other large vehicles use air brake systems. However, people don’t always understand how air brakes function, especially in comparison to hydraulic braking systems found on smaller vehicles.

Below is an explanation of air brake and hydraulic brake systems and what you should know about each, including the similarities and differences between the two types.

Understanding Your Truck’s Driveline

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The multitude of components that make up a heavy-duty truck can be intimidating — even for seasoned experts. While most operators possess at least a passing familiarity with the principal components, more specialized ones often go overlooked. Unfortunately, this can lead to the formation of expensive and time consuming problems.

For that reason, drivers should be encouraged to take a proactive approach to understanding your truck and its various parts. This makes it easier to spot potential issues before they result in a full-blown crisis. This article will help to improve your knowledge of key truck parts by providing a useful introduction to the component known as the driveline.

6 Upgrades to Enhance the Operation of Semi-Truck Brakes

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Brakes that perform well are important to ensuring the safety of semi-truck operation. You should make efforts to optimize brake performance so that your vehicles are safe to drive in any condition.

Fortunately, you have many upgrades available to you to make your truck’s brakes stronger and give them a faster response time. The following are six brake upgrades you may want to consider to improve your work vehicles and ensure safe braking when your trucks are towing heavy loads.

Taking Care Of Your Truck’s Air Suspension

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Air suspensions are quickly becoming a mainstay in many commercial trucking fleets, especially with many new trucks featuring “air ride” systems aimed towards delivering driver comfort. Unlike traditional steel springs, air suspensions offer a consistently smooth ride regardless of whether the truck is heavily loaded or running empty.

Even when faced with a tough fleet maintenance schedule, neglect is never an option when dealing with your truck’s air suspension. Taking a proactive approach towards maintenance can help prevent problems that could result in expensive downtime.

Start the Year Off Right

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End-of-Year Maintenance Tips for Trucking Professionals

At the start of each year, many trucking companies set projections and goals for their business and their profits. As the literal driving force behind your organization, the trucks you rely on play a critical role in your ability to meet these goals. The average truck operator will spend around 10 percent of their earnings to cover maintenance costs.

However, when maintenance is not made a priority, this percentage could easily increase and take a real bite out of your profits. Set yourself up for a more prosperous year with these end-of-year truck maintenance tips.

Routine Fleet Maintenance Can Protect Your Business

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Operating a business is an overwhelming task at times, and with so many things to focus on, it’s easy to overlook fleet maintenance. Don’t make this mistake. Failure to properly maintain your fleet of trucks introduces some unplanned costs, and not just in terms of financial obligations. Learn what a commitment to fleet maintenance can offer your business in both the short term and long term.

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