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Maintaining the Air Bag Suspension in Your Semi Truck

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Company Truck Dickinson, ND Modern tractor-trailer suspension systems are most commonly airbag suspension systems, not leaf springs anymore. The airbag systems are incredibly durable, and with proper maintenance to the system, it will last as long as older leaf spring systems did. Proper maintenance and regular inspection of the system is the best way to stay ahead of any problems that may arise with use.

Watch for Signs of System Problems

The suspension system on your truck has several jobs. The first is to cushion the ride for the driver, and the second is to cushion the ride for the cargo in the trailer. The airbags also play a role in eliminating stress on the truck and trailer from bumps in the road.

A severe jolt from a pothole or crack in the road can damage other components in the suspension system is the airbags are not working correctly. A visual inspection of the suspension system should be done regularly by the driver, especially if the driver feels a change in the handling of the truck or the suspension ride quality.

The airbags are easily accessible when a trailer is no attached to the truck, so taking a second to look at them and check for damage or cracks can be the best way to catch a failing airbag before it fails completely.

3 Ways Owner-Operators Can Keep Their Transmissions in Good Shape

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Delivery Truck Dickinson, ND If you are an owner-operator, you probably know just how expensive it can be to keep your semi-truck in good condition. If certain expensive parts become damaged, then repair costs can be very expensive. For example, a transmission replacement can be very costly, and it’s something you want to avoid if possible.

In addition to the cost of replacing a transmission, you have to worry about how your business can be impacted by a transmission issue. If your truck isn’t running, then you aren’t able to work. Luckily, you can keep your transmission in great shape by following these three tips.

The Lowdown on U-Joints

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Body under the truck Heavy-duty trucks are at the heart of many industries operating in today’s economy. Without a reliable semi, consumer goods wouldn’t be transported to retail outlets and construction companies wouldn’t be able to haul heavy loads to job sites.

A fleet of heavy-duty trucks must be meticulously maintained to ensure each vehicle is in good working condition at all times. The engine, transmission, and body of a truck are easy to maintain, but the driveline is a critical component that can go overlooked.

Of all the parts installed on a heavy-duty driveline, the U-joints are subject to the most constant movement and stress. Premature U-joint failure can be costly, so you need to understand what these vital components are and how you can better maintain them in the future.

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