7 Indications Your Semitruck Needs Transmission Service

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7 Indications Your Semitruck Needs Transmission Service

The transmission is one of the most important mechanical components of your semitruck. A malfunctioning transmission at the very least detracts from efficiency and could render a semitruck completely useless in severe cases.

You should have your transmission serviced at the first indications of malfunctioning to prevent additional transmission damage.

The following are seven indications to look out for that show your semitruck needs transmission service.

1. Slipping of the Transmission

If the transmission slips, the semitruck may seem like it’s changing gears when the transmission is not supposed to. A slipping transmission is inefficient and could eventually result in the vehicle not being propelled forward by the transmission at all as the problems worsens.

One possible cause of a slipping transmission is a transmission fluid leak or low transmission fluid levels. Another possible cause is low hydraulic pressure levels that aren’t creating enough force to engage the gears.

2. Leaking of Transmission Fluid

If you notice an oily fluid that smells like petroleum accumulating on the ground underneath your vehicle, you may have a transmission fluid leak.

Transmission fluid is essential for lubricating the moving parts of the transmission and preventing wear and tear on transmission parts. Therefore, increasingly severe transmission malfunctions are likely if your semitruck is low on transmission fluid and you continue to run it without repairs.

Investigate any unusual fluid leaks to repair transmission fluid leaks and make sure your vehicle has enough transmission fluid.

3. Failing to Get into Gear

A semitrucks transmission needs to function in all gears for the vehicle to operate at peak efficiency. If the transmission has trouble getting into one or more gears, you need to have your transmission inspected to find the cause of the problem.

Some possible causes of an inability to shift into gear include a lack of transmission fluid or a break in the linkage wire between the shift knob and the transmission components.

4. Rough Shifting of Gears

A properly functioning semitruck transmission shifts smoothly into all gears. A malfunctioning transmission often shifts roughly or seems to hesitate before getting in gear. Transmission problems are often indicated by thudding or jerking when the driver shifts gears.

Difficult shifting could be caused by a buildup of line pressure because of a fluid clog or a problem with the shift solenoid.

5. Losing Power During Acceleration

The transmission is responsible for making the semitruck accelerate. The vehicle should accelerate smoothly and constantly when the driver pushes down on the accelerator.

If a semitruck accelerates unusually slowly or weakly, the transmission needs to be examined. If a semitruck seems to lose power when the vehicle is accelerating, the problem could be inadequate compression, a clogged air filter, or clogs in the exhaust manifold.

6. Making Unusual Noises

When a transmission malfunctions, it often makes grinding noises while the vehicle is moving or while the driver is shifting gears. A malfunctioning transmission could also make noises that sound like gurgling or growling.

Unusual transmission noises are most frequently caused by low transmission fluid levels. However, one other possible cause is cracks or chips in the gears themselves.

7. Failing to Move

The transmission’s function is to transfer the power produced by the engine to the wheels so that the vehicle moves forward. If the transmission is not working at all, the vehicle will not move forward when the engine is on, the vehicle is in drive or first gear, and the accelerator is pushed.

You may need to invest in an entirely new transmission if your transmission has become completely ineffective at moving the vehicle forward.

If you need transmission work on your semitruck, contact us at Godfrey Brake Service & Supply for assistance.

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