5 Signs Your Semi-Truck Needs Maintenance

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Maintenance is an important part of keeping your semi-truck on the road and keeping you safe while you drive it. With other obligations, sometimes maintenance tasks don’t get completed. However, if you start to see any signs of wear or damage, you should make maintenance a priority. Learn about a few signs to look out for as you schedule your routine maintenance stops.

1. Noisy Brakes

One of the most important symptoms to look for is noisy brakes. When your brakes start to make noise as you use them, this is a sign that they have worn down.

Brakes are an essential part of any vehicle, but they are especially important for semi-trucks, which often haul heavy weights over large distances. So the next time you are out on the road, if you hear a grinding or squeaking coming from your brakes, make it a priority to perform some maintenance as soon as you can.

2. Loss of Engine Power

The next thing you should look for is a loss of engine power. If your truck isn’t hauling as well as it once did, this could be because of a problem with your engine. A good semi-truck maintenance team will perform a compression test, check the temperature of your engine coolant, and check oil pressure.

Your truck needs a strong engine to haul the heavy cargo it carries. If you don’t take care of the engine problem soon, you’ll likely find your truck getting taken out of commission.

3. Excess Smoking or the Wrong Color Smoke

As a part of normal operation, the diesel engine in your semi-truck will produce some smoke. However, not all smoke is the same. If your semi-truck is producing a large amount of black smoke, this could be from an incorrect air to fuel ratio or something as simple as low-quality gas.

When you see blue smoke coming from the truck, this usually means you are burning oil. And if you see white smoke, this means you are burning coolant. All are signs of a problem that can be fixed with proper maintenance.

4. Leaking Fluids

If you notice any puddles underneath your truck, you’ll want to make a maintenance appointment for your truck right away. While the leak could simply be water, it could also be something more vital to the health of your truck.

If your semi-truck begins to leak fluids like oil, gas, or coolant, it can cause serious damage to the internal workings of your truck. You may be able to tell what kind of fuel is leaking by the behavior of the truck or the smell of the puddle. But if the liquid isn’t water, or if you can’t tell, your best course of action is to then take the vehicle in for maintenance.

5. Poor Fuel Efficiency

Finally, the last thing to look for is poor fuel efficiency. Many semi-truck drivers have tight schedules to keep and this means stopping for gas less often. If you find that your truck isn’t getting as far as it used to on a full tank, you may have lost some fuel efficiency.

This can happen for a number of reasons, such as improperly inflated tires or a contaminated fuel tank. A trusted semi-truck maintenance team will be able to determine the cause and get your truck back to optimal efficiency.

Once you detect any of the problems listed above, you should make an appointment for semi-truck maintenance. Maintenance can prevent bigger repair issues down the road and keep your truck running correctly. For help maintaining your semi-truck, please contact Godfrey Brake Service.


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