3 Ways Owner-Operators Can Keep Their Transmissions in Good Shape

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Delivery Truck Dickinson, ND If you are an owner-operator, you probably know just how expensive it can be to keep your semi-truck in good condition. If certain expensive parts become damaged, then repair costs can be very expensive. For example, a transmission replacement can be very costly, and it’s something you want to avoid if possible.

In addition to the cost of replacing a transmission, you have to worry about how your business can be impacted by a transmission issue. If your truck isn’t running, then you aren’t able to work. Luckily, you can keep your transmission in great shape by following these three tips.

1. Be Careful How You Drive

The first key to being a good owner-operator is knowing how to drive your truck well. Not only will this help make for a smoother and better ride when you’re on the road, but it will help you keep your truck in good shape too. For example, your semi-truck’s transmission can be damaged if you don’t drive your truck properly.

Make sure you operate your semi-truck in the proper gear, based on your speed and the road conditions. When shifting, do so as smoothly as possible; do not attempt to shove or force your truck into the proper gear, and avoid grinding gears. Realize that every truck drives a little bit differently, so take it slow and easy when getting used to driving a different semi-truck.

2. Stay On Top of Transmission Maintenance

As is the case with most of the major parts of your semi-truck, it is important to perform proper maintenance on your transmission. The maintenance that has to be done depends on the make, model, and year of the semi-truck that you own and operate, so check the maintenance schedule for your specific truck.

For example, having your transmission flushed on a regular basis is important if you want to keep your truck’s transmission in good shape. This helps get rid of dirt and grime that could prevent your transmission fluid from cooling your transmission as it should. You should also change the transmission fluid filter each time that you flush the transmission fluid.

Adding an extra-capacity pan or finned pan and external coolers will also help you keep your transmission in good shape, particularly if you pull heavy loads with your semi-truck or if you operate it on hilly or mountainous roads on a regular basis.

3. Have Transmission Repair Done By a Qualified Professional

As an owner-operator, you might have learned a long time ago that performing some maintenance and repairs on your truck is a good way to save money. There is nothing wrong with doing some of your own repairs, but you’ll probably want to hire a professional diesel mechanic to help you with something as serious as transmission repair.

A diesel mechanic can help you accurately identify the problem with your transmission. With a professional’s help, you may find that repairing your transmission is an option, as opposed to replacing it completely.

An experienced mechanic can also help you choose the best parts for your semi-truck’s transmission. Then you’ll know that they are compatible with your truck and transmission and that they are good-quality parts that will hold up well.

Lastly, a diesel repair technician can install the necessary parts and make the required repairs without further damaging your transmission. You may find that a mechanic can complete the repairs more quickly than you can too, allowing you to get back on the road as soon as possible.

As an owner-operator, it is important to take care of your semi-truck’s transmission. Contact us at Godfrey Brake Service & Supply to find out how we can help with your semi-truck’s transmission and overall mechanical condition.


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